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All Kinds of Fabrics Business

Apparels Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Wintex Fabrics & Fashions is a fast growing apparel, merchandising and sourcing company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have developed with multinational brands for all major manufacturing operations.

Over the years, Wintex Fabrics & Fashions has established itself as a key manufacturing partner for fashion brands in Europe and around the world. Along with our reputation for reliability, our customers support our value added services We have been working with various famous brand labels for many years for our overseas customers.

Apparels Manufacturer in Bangladesh

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Men’s Blue Denim Front Pockets Slim Fit Short sleeved Shirts
Denim Shirt
Men’s Mercerised Polo
Mercerised Polo Shirt
Men’s Block Stripe Polo
Bold Stripe Polo Shirt
1 368 Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Drawstring Short Pant
mens jackets copy Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Maroon Jacket
4 560 Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Long-sleeve sweater
T shirt Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Cotton T-Shirt
11111 1 Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Men’s Casual Slim Fit Plaid Turn Down Collar Long Sleeve Shirts
Casual Shirts
1 141 copy Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Slim Fit Jeans
All kinds of Taslan fabrics for jacket
Freezer Jacket
1 123 Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Sleep Wear

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V-Neck Cotton -T-Shirt
V-Neck Cotton -T-Shirt
T shirts Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Tri-blend T-Shirts
Cool Dry Polo Shirts Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Cool Dry Polo Shirts
Women Jeans
Women Jeans
Cotton Trousers
Cotton Trousers
Print Hoodies
Print Hoodies
micro Fleece Jackets
Micro Fleece Jackets
Beleted Jackets Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Belted Jackets
Denim Jackets
Denim Jackets
Expedition Parka
Expedition Parka
Hooded Puffer Jackets
Hooded Puffer Jackets
Ladies Dress WWD0086 Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Women's Dress
Ladies Dress WWD0033 Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Women's Tops
Ladies Shirt
Ladies Blouse WWBT0142 Wintex Fabrics & Fashions

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Baby Solid Color Cotton Long Sleeves Hooded Rompers
Hooded Rompers
Blue Oxford Star Shirt
Blue Oxford Star Shirt
Bold Straps Polo Shirt
Bold Straps Polo Shirt
Boys 5 pocket Drawstring Jeans
Boys 5 pocket Jeans
Printed Shirts
Printed Shirts
Shirt +Shorts+Strap+ Bow
All Set Coth
Baby Jersey-Lined Cord Trousers – Cherry Tomato Red Apples
Lined Cord Trousers
Boys Rainbow Stripe Hoodie
Rainbow Stripe Hoodie
Baby 2PcsRomper + Suspender Pants Sets
Suspender Pants Sets
Baby Cotton Plaid Triangular Romper With Bow Tie
Romper With Bow Tie
Baby Essential Jersey Trousers – Beacon Blue Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Essential Jersey Trouser
Baby Newborn Leggings
Baby Leggings Trousers
Boys Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper
Crew Neck Jumper
Boys Color block Jumper – College Navy
Color block Jumper
Boys Color block Zip-Up Hoodie
Zip-Up Hoodie
Boys Lined Utility Cargo Joggers – College Navy
Utility Cargo Joggers
Boys Rainbow Crew Jumper
Rainbow Crew Jumper
Cartoon Prints T-shirt
Cartoon Prints T-shirt
Polo Shirt
Polo Shirts
Jeans Set
Jeans Cloth Set
Flying Sleeves Colorful Striped Print Casual Dress
Striped Print Dress
Girl’s Flying Sleeves Floral Print Light Blue Casual Dress
Floral Print Dress
Girl’s Short Sleeve Flip Sequin Heart Striped Dress
Heart Striped Dress
Girl’s Rainbow Spliced Sleeveless Suspender Dress
Rainbow Sleeveless
Girl’s Patchwork Long-sleeved Wave Dress
Patchwork Wave Dress
Girls Cotton Cashmere Cardigan
Cashmere Cardigan
Girls Boys Lightweight Downs Parkas Kids Winter Coat Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Kids Winter Coat
Girls Casual Warm Hooded Zipper Pocket Long Sleeve Fleece Coats
Sleeve Fleece Coats
Girls Jean Jackets Kids Lace Coat Long Sleeve Button Denim Jackets
Jeans Wave Dress
Girls Solid Color Casual Jacket
Casual Jacket
Hooded Coats Fleece Outerwear
Coats Fleece Outerwear
Boys Reversible Zip Up Hoodie Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Sleeve Fleece Coats

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Queen Print Flat Bedsheet Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Queen Printed Bedsheet
Cotton Bed sheet with Pillow Cover
100% Cotton Bedsheet
Cotton Double King Cartoon Bedsheet
100% Cotton Cartoon Bedsheet
100% Cotton Bedsheet with Pillow Covers
100% Cotton Bedsheet with Pillow Covers
100% Cotton Solid Duvet Cover with Pillow Covers
100% Cotton Duvet Cover
100% Cotton Duvet Cover
100% Cotton Duvet Cover
100% Cotton Duvet Cover
100% Cotton Duvet Cover
the best quality micro fiber fabric
Best Quality Towel
towel Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Print Towel
the best quality micro fiber fabric

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147158325 max Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Stylish Mesh Cap
etetet Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Stylish Cotton Cap
hfhfhfdh Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Stylish Blank Cap
Untitled 1 copy 1 Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Children Cap
Striped Invisible Socks Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Striped Invisible Socks
Striped Invisible Socks 2 Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Colored Socks
Striped Invisible Socks 4 Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Short Socks
Striped Invisible Socks 3 Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Long Socks

All Kinds of Fabrics

100% Export Oriented Fabrics | Bangladesh Local Production

polyester 190t taffeta fabrics thamnail Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
190T Taffeta
Polyester 210T Taffeta Fabrics-Thumbnail
210T Taffeta
Polyester 300t Taffeta Waterproof Fabrics
210T Taffeta (Waterproof)
Micro Fiber
100% Polyester Twill with Peach
Twill with Peach
100% Polyester Taslan fabrics
Taslan (Waterproof)
100 Polyester Pongee Fabric
Pongee (Waterproof)
Ripstop fabrics Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Polyester Twill
Borkha Fabric
Borkha Fabrics
100% polyester Tc Pocketing fabrics
TC Pocketing
polyester Tory fabrics
Polyester Tory
birds eye mash fabrics
Birds Eye Mesh
Pin Hole Mesh Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Pin Hole Mesh
hole mesh fabrics Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Hole Mesh
tricot inside brush fabrics Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Tricot inside brush
dazzle fabrics
Polar fleece fabrics Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Polar Fleece
Micro Polar Fleece
Micro Polar Fleece
single jersey fabric
Single Jersey
100% polyester interlock knitted fabrics
Red1 48cba29f 8bd6 47fe 9128 Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Cotton Twill
Lycra Elastane Twill Fabric Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
Lycra Twill
TC Twill Fabrics Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
TC Twill
100% Cotton Towel
Terry Towel Fabrics
100% Polyester Poplin fabrics
100% Cotton Canvas fabrics
100% Cotton Knit Viscose Fabrics
Waterproof Fabrics
Waterproof Fabrics
Silver Coating
Polyester 300D Oxford fabric waterproof pu coating Wintex Fabrics & Fashions
PU Coating
PVC Coating

Why we are for your order?

Wintex Fashions is always research and developing new designs, Concepts of fabrics. We are growing and professionally managed landing fabric Manufacturer & Supplier. We have associate textile mills in Bangladesh with Local Production. We weave original customized cloths according to buyer’s needs and delivery on the right times.


Our design team seasonal trends and constantly showcases unique design ideas to keep up with the times.


Our research team regularly travels globally and acquires market knowledge. Then, they development the quality of our best quality garments products.


We make and send samples for each product as per our customers' requirements. We have a wide range of sample making department. This enables the customer's specific needs to be met efficiently.

Right Time Delivery

Time is the most important element in life. So, we are always value time appropriately. We are committed to deliver the product as per your requirement on time through our dedicated staff.


We have a strong communication team to keep in touch at all times and always committed to ensure customer satisfaction. We don't disconnect until the customer understands the product properly.


Customer satisfaction is our main aim. It's a company that provides confident insights to help clients make the right decisions.

They believe in us


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